Adelaide Masquerade

In 2012, the Anarch Movement suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the newly crowned Prince Carmichael of the Camarilla. Leaders of the Movement were spirited away one by one, never to be seen again, and allies of the Revolution were rounded up and disposed of publicly.

Over the past nine years, the survivors have fought tooth and claw to keep an ever-loosening grip on their turf, as the Camarilla pushes back with the aim of declawing the Movement once and for all. With the greater Adelaide area no longer safe, the remaining Revolutionaries are forced further south to the outlying suburbs of Lonsdale, Morphett Vale and below. Satisfied with their victory, the Camarilla elect to strangle the Movement with the power of Blood Sorcery until its members submit.

Now, in 2021, whispers of an opportunity have reached the ears of the Anarchs. Scouts report that they can access areas once thought inaccessible and that the Camarilla’s wards have weakened. Rumours of turmoil within the Chantry begin spreading, with many of the feared sorcerers not seen for months. Talk of reigniting the Revolution is on everyone’s lips, while the Baron, Clyde Russel, seeks to discourage such behaviour in fear of provoking a final assault by Prince Carmichael.

While the veteran Baron is content with remaining on the backfoot, other Anarchs seek to capitalise on this newfound opportunity and revive the struggle against the Camarilla.

If the rumours are true, then this may be the only chance you’ll ever get to take back what those bastards took from us. Give those sonofabitches hell.

Venue Staff