Melbourne Requiem

“The unrest has been building for too long now.
They tell you nothing and yet you sense the grip it has on the city.
The Oracle overthrows The Prince, but you can still feel it. You feel it in the stillness if the alleyways and you taste it in the blood of the kine
Something is deeply unsettling and the heart beat of the city is wrong, its rhythm is off key, not a pattern but a Sonata of still screams.
Did you come to study it?
Did you come to prevent it?
Maybe you’ll encourage it?
What is it?
And why has no one spoke of Melbourne outside the city limits…”

For years now, under President Lillian Grange, Melbourne has been a walled city. No one who comes in has much contact with anyone, and no one who goes out seems to remember things for long. Friends have left and never returned, you contact them and they seem to only have the vaguest knowledge of your many years of a friendship. Each covenant has been isolated from the rest of Australia. The city began to decay.
Something rotten at the core of the city began to seep into every aspect of the once grand city.
Behind closed doors, away from the street lamps and listening ears, a plot forms. The Circle of The Crone and The Carthian Movement of Melbourne conspire together; overthrow President Grange, free the city.
Three months of planning before the declaration is made by Blair, Hierophant of Melbourne, only to be met with laughter and scorn. It takes less than a month for the take over to be complete.
All of Grange’s supporters are either killed, torpored, or banished from the city. Enchantress Blair Una takes centre stage and declares that the city is reopening, so let the word out.
Some feel freedom for the first time in months, some are left sweeping up the ruins of their once great empires. Everything is changing.

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