Perth Forsaken

Hidden in its corner of the world, distant from the activities of the East Coast, Perth is a gem that many struggle to control. Its location and design, a merger of urban and rural. Remote, isolated, distant from the activities of the East, Perth is a Gem of Iron, Gold, Nickel and Coal.

Its design, logical and artificial imposed directly over the Wild, a realm of Construction, design, Hi-Vis, Mining and Business. The contrast of the FIFO Rich, spending big, parting hard vs the working Poor, slaving just enough to pay rent and eat. Its population of 2-million and year-round tourism make it an ideal location for Changelings and Kindred to hide from their many troubles, who will they help or hinder? With this mix of activities, Spirits often run rampant requiring the Forsaken to patrol the streets and surrounding countryside to maintain order and balance. But where are they?

The Uratha lost the CBD, where a bloody game of chess over the decades resulted in the CBD being succeeded to the Ivory Claws, Fjord-of-Fury and his family the Vandross hold the CBD and since the 90s the Uratha of Western Australia have circled and held the surrounding suburbs, a balance struck of the territories of Western Australia. Our Uratha wild to the wind in the remaining packs gather one more time to build a new protectorate together. Will this be another bloody annotation in the history books, or will a new balance be struck?

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