Southern Cross Requiem

Geelong, a city founded in 1838, and in 1910 was recognised as a city.

As an industrial port city and rail hub, Geelong services many of the other towns and cities in Victoria. However, as the modernization of manufacturing and industry has increased Geelong has been in a slow decline.

Our story begins after several decades of successful rule of the established covenants holding power of Geelong. The question became… “Why be in Geelong when I could be in Melbourne?” Slowly more and more of the influenced kindred relocated to Melbourne, leaving vassals and ghouls behind to take care of the needs of their interests in Geelong. Leaving his city in almost an abandoned state the Duke of Geelong, His Grace Alder Peter Horvat calls his loyal vassals back to Melbourne, leaving his interests to decline further.

Our chronicle begins, in a time where Geelong is all but abandoned; Punks, unaligned nomads have rolled into town and severed most of the connections Melbourne held over the satellite city.
Whispers became rumour, rumour became gossip. “You could start again… you could have a clean slate if you went to Geelong.”

A beacon in society goes up from Geelong, a young Daeva Invictus has managed to find a place in Geelong. She sends out a communique to her peers amongst her clan and her covenant. “Come seek Tabula Rasa in Geelong”

These rumours start to spread, Kindred who didn’t fit elsewhere, Kindred escaping a scandal, Kindred who are desperate to reinvent themselves and Kindred who believe there is something to gain all turn their eyes to Geelong.

After the events in Perth in January 2017 with Perth becoming overrun by the hideous plague known only as the “owls” The influential Roe Family gathers as many kindred from the city that they are able to rescue, to begin the Exodus of Perth. Victor Roe’s final action before he leaves is to inscribe in Cant along the walls of Elysium; “Seek Refuge in Geelong.”

What awaits our Kindred in Geelong? Will this be a Sinners Refuge?

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