Mage: The Awakening CofD

The world of Mage: The Awakening is a prison of Will, a world Fallen from Supernal grace, where humans, once all able to bend reality to their will, are now cursed to remain ignorant of the Supernal powers that exist alongside them, and their true heritage. Mages are those few individuals who have Awakened, chasing that itch in their soul and surviving mind-bending metaphysical trials, only to reveal the most agonizing truth imaginable: the world is a Lie, a splinter of what Reality once was, and the Supernal Realms – realms of Magic and Truth – are, seemingly, just out of reach forevermore. Driven by a burning need to understand the secrets of the Supernal, of their shared lineage, and of the Fallen World, their wills shape reality by forces they call Magic. Burdened by searing insight and an addiction to knowledge, Mages face many dangers in search of their next metaphysical ‘high’, chasing their Great Works. Opposing them is the terrifying will of the Exarchs, tyrannical god-beings that usurped the Supernal realm, mandating and maintaining the Lie of the Fallen World.

But no threat is so great, no danger so insurmountable, as the pride of these cataclysmically powerful, yet woefully mortal beings.

They are, after all, simply humans, unleashed.

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