Adelaide Requiem

“Promotion via dead men’s boots doesn’t mean much if the dead keep walking.”

The city is young, at least by Kindred standards. Yet Elders still got here first. They still have it locked down to service them. Potent with age and engorged by your hard work; for the grace of their ‘protection’ you are expected to work and risk your fangs. This does make the city stable of course. Elders are good at keeping their power theirs. It would take some effort to replace them and with the politics well, expected, it’s safe for now. At least, court is safe from politics. There are still thousands of threats in the night and the blood banks seem to get smarter every time one of you stuff up. The nightly Requiem plays its tune. We don our Masks and sing our Dirges. And hope the Masquerade lasts yet another night. But can the status quo remain? Do we want it to?

Venue Staff