Toowoomba Requiem

…For a time during the first of the world wars, the city was essentially abandoned.

In a short few years later, some of those that left returned, to continue what was started, however, found they were not alone. During the war of the world, some kindred discovered this area. Perhaps moving inland through fear of what may become of the world, or perhaps from guilt from a deed undertaken, or a blind eye given. Regardless, the city was inhabited by a small number of varied kindred. With the return of those from before the war, in order to establish civility, it was agreed to establish something slightly more formal, and so, in 1921, the first ‘court’ of Toowoomba was formed.

The city now is very much a centre, dominated by those of the Elder social class, who have enforced a certain tempo within the city, with those of the Ancillae social class filling the needs of those Elders, while still striving for their own independent endeavours. Neonates are a rare commodity, and infrequently will a neonate entertain the stale climate of court for an extended period of time, generally preferring to avoid the spotlight or leaving after a brief visit. As the Elders are unwelcoming of change, the side effect has been extended periods of stability, willing to place their peers into torpor to continue such times of peace. For those considering much more than a retirement lifestyle, this may not be the change for you.

Venue Staff